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You Might Be A Badass Mom If…

Your middle school daughter comes home to tell you that she’s had a talk with her male gym teacher to call out his sexism…”can you believe he said that girls can’t play flag football?!” via GIPHY You announce that you’re going away on a business trip for a few days and your kids don’t freak […]

Surviving 2017

The day after the U.S. presidential election last year was grim, to say the least. I woke up, I cried with my kids. I went to work, I cried with our students. I think you know the reasons why. Well, at least if you didn’t vote for Donald Trump. The 2016 election was contentious but […]

It’s here! The Digital Storytelling Guidebook!

  After nearly a decade of implementing digital storytelling into 18 different disciplines including study abroad courses and facilitating a range of community-based projects, I created the Digital Storytelling Guidebook.  It is filled with information and best practices for faculty and students who want to explore digital storytelling as a pedagogy and as a tool […]

Digital Literacy For Parents

Last Saturday I joined an amazing group of educators and parents for a one-day conference that focuses on how students are learning in the 21st Century. The “Parent Academy” is an annual event organized by the Whittier City School District. This year they asked me to be their keynote speaker.  I am honored–because I am […]

PhotoVoice: Participatory Photography as a Digital Storytelling Tool

This semester students from the paired course “Medical Sociology and the Science Behind Obesity” are engaging in a new way to do digital storytelling.  The method known as PhotoVoice is borrowed from a movement that aims to use participatory photography as a self-advocacy tool.  This assignment asks students to use photography and video as a way to tell […]