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Web Literacy

Master the tools and technology that make up the web to build your own space online.

Digital Identity

Explore the notion of digital identity and how publishing on the web can frame an identity.


Learn to take ownership and control over the content you put on the web instead of handing it to third-party publishers.

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Build your own blog.

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Build your own site.

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Build your own portfolio.

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Build your own wiki.

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Build your own digital book.

What is Whittier.Domains?

Whittier.Domains is a project of Whittier College Digital Liberal Arts that offers students, faculty, staff, and even student organizations the opportunity to own and maintain a web presence a domain.

Hosted through the educational hosting service Reclaim Hosting, Whittier.Domains allows participants to easily install open-source applications such as WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, Scalar, and Omeka on their space giving them a range of ways to create, reflect, and control their digital identity and content.

Learn more about Whittier.Domains by reading our FAQ.

Featured Sites

See what members of the Whittier College community have been building on their own domains. Browse these sample sites to see how faculty and students have been using Domains for classes, professional portfolios, wikis, exhibits, blogs, and more.

Project Team

Andrea Rehn

Andrea Rehn

Director of DigLibArts

Andrea Rehn is the Principle Investigator and Director of the Digital Liberal Arts Program. See what Professor Rehn is doing on her own domain: http://andrearehn.com/

Bill Kronholm

Bill Kronholm

Master of .Domains

Bill Kronholm is "Master of Domains" for Whittier DigLibArts. In his spare time he is also Associate Professor and Department Chair for Math and Computer Science. See what he’s doing on his own domain: https://billkronholm.com/