Get Started:

There are several ways to get started with Whittier.Domains. Use any of the reference materials (in progress) linked below, or contact the Whittier Domains Manager, Bill Kronholm. Dr. Kronholm will be help you get signed up, and can provide a walk-through of the service and tools.


We have compiled a few resources to help you get started with Whittier.Domains and to maintain or build your digital  presence. If you have learned a great deal and want to share your expertise, we encourage you to add to the Wiki below.


Whittier.Domains Policies


Whittier DigLibArts and Reclaim Hosting support the cPanel, infrastructure, backups, accounts, and system access for Whittier.Domains. If you need any assistance that is not addressed by our documentation, you can also find us in-person in Wardman Library.

Support requests can be made by sending an email to Bill Kronholm.

Whittier.Domains is not responsible for problems associated with individual application (upgrades, defects, usability, etc.).  Application support is provided by their respective individual developers who are responsible for all changes and application support.