Tips and Tricks from a Genuine Podcast Creator

With the rise of the digital age and the fall of the analog, podcasts are in a strange limbo of both technological ingenuity and archaic reporting styles. However, they can be a way to tell a story, or convey information, that isn’t possible just through the written word or word of mouth. As I explore …

Tutorial: Basic Editing with Audacity

Audacity is a free, cross-platform application for recording and mixing. You can use it to record vocals, instruments and other sounds, mix them up into something useful and then create a music file to share. In this tutorial, we’ll take you through some of the basic editing and give you a few pointers on how …

NWSA 2016: Radicalizing the Curriculum and Decolonizing the Canon

Course Documents:

Syllabus (With active hyperlinks to readings and tools)

Course Constitution

Final Project Prompt

Midterm Review


Reference Materials:

Sample Course Constitution by Kalle Westerling (Baruch College)

HASTAC Pedagogy Project

Tutorial: Creating a Document on InDesign CS5

Adobe InDesign is a great way to create brochures, documents, books, posters, etc. This is an innovative method used to have creative and interesting focal point for projects! Make sure to use Adobe InDesign for your next assignment. Here is a basic tutorial on how to use Adobe Design!   Start a new document: 1 …

News: History Department Helps make a mural

The city of Whittier has a long and diverse history that many people don’t know about. Many understand it’s inclusive Quaker history, founded by settlers in honor of the Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier. However, as with many things, there is more to Whittier than meets the eye. Before being the outer L.A. suburb that …

Making a Brochure using Google Docs from a Template

Brochures can serves as a great method to convey information to an intended audience with quick and concise information on a fold out pamphlet. It is possible to make a brochure from scratch, however this tutorial will show you how to create a brochure by using the templates provided by Google Docs! Open Google Docs …

Creating a Whittier.Domains WordPress Site with Templates

Whittier Domains is an excellent resource that students at Whittier College can utilize to create professional webpages. There are numerous ways to design your webpage, and some templates have been provided so that you can get a jumpstart on your website, and not have to worry about formatting. These different templates are discussed later on …