Trip to Univ. of Sydney

#FutureFix lecture from @thisblueangel on how behavioural economic #storytelling narrows our horizons. @ArtSS_Sydney @Usyd_ssps @WhittierCollege @konings_martijn @LiuxinYB @janekat_ @Amin_Samman @rcecoleman @DrDanWoodman — Prof Lisa Adkins (@AdkinsProf) August 28, 2019 Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Day 2 of #FutureFix and

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Born in the backseat of a light blue Dodge Dart on the side of a highway in California’s Mojave Desert, I did little else of note for some years. While I always loved reading, especially Frank Herbert’s Dune and everything written by Charles Dickens, I nevertheless pursued a precarious but satisfying career as a ballet dancer in …