Trip to Univ. of Sydney

This August, I traveled to Australia to participate in this workshop Generational and Temporal Imaginaries of the Asset Economy: A common protest heard from the asset poor is one of ‘no future’. Here, income contingency and asset-based growth (in particular house price inflation) are understood to have combined to produce a specific temporal universe in which a distinctive politics of the future has opened out. In this universe, the asset poor have few mechanisms available to them to build up assets which will enable them to secure viable futures. This applies especially to young adults who are not in receipt of intergenerational transfers of wealth and are seeing their chances of asset accumulation rapidly diminish. By contrast, the futures of the asset rich are guaranteed and underwritten by institutional mechanisms ensuring the growth of their assets (especially housing prices and superannuation). In the context of these bifurcated asset-based futures, this […]

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