Conference: Minor Transnationalism 2.0 at UCLA May 19th-20

Next Friday, I’ll be at UCLA for the Minor Transnationalisms Reunion Conference. I’ll be presenting some newer work on mediated and imagined spaces of living and working in Dubai and Silicon Valley. If you’re in the area, please do join us in Royce Hall 309. I’ll be there on Friday, and am looking forward to
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Digital Projects

The unsharpened ends of colored pencils forming a wave against a black backdrop.

While USC’s Scalar server was down due to university-wide network issues this past weekend, I installed my own instance of Scalar on my Reclaim Hosting domain and tested it out by creating this Digital Projects book. It’s an incredibly simple book that curates my collaborative projects and teaching and visualizes them neatly. If you’re interested in learning more about Scalar, check out the workshop I held at Whittier College on Teaching with Scalar.