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DLA-sponsored “California Grown” Coffee-Avocado Project Trailer

Through the generous support of a DLA “community learning” grant, faculty involved in the “California Grown” project have produced a short trailer documenting one of the largest offee-avocado sustainable orchards: Mraz Ranch.  The trailer will be part of a larger documentary on this new agricultural “California Gold Rush.” Check out the trailer HERE!  

Dig Lib Arts Co-Sponsoring Upcoming “Whittier History Orchard” Talk

DLA is co-sponsoring a day-long visit by the renown avocado grower and agricultural preservationist Scott Murray ( on October 10th, 2018. With over four decades of farming experience, Murray is involved in several innovative coffee-avocado intercropping projects. His method of farming combines agrarian philosophy with what he calls “microchip farming.” Utilizing tech and historic sustainable growing …