ASA Hawaii

I saw a number of excellent panels in Hawaii, which made me feel re-energized to share what I’m learning in the field with my students, despite a somewhat grueling semester. Of particular note was a panel on risk, race and financial capitalism with Michael Dawson, Hannah Appel, Karen Ho, Emily Katzenstein and Meghan Wilson presenting. One of my students is working on feminist criticism and speculative fiction and has been reading and writing about Octavia Butler, so I was glad to make it, at ASA, to a presidential session centered on the work of activist the activist and writer adrienne maree brown and Octavia’s Brood — brown blogged about it here.   The panel made me think in new ways about the personal, the political, and prison abolition. I also ran into my friend Anne Cong-Huyen, a digital humanist at U Michigan, at a fascinating roundtable about “Data as Terror, Data […]

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