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Trip to Univ. of Sydney

#FutureFix lecture from @thisblueangel on how behavioural economic #storytelling narrows our horizons. @ArtSS_Sydney @Usyd_ssps @WhittierCollege @konings_martijn @LiuxinYB @janekat_ @Amin_Samman @rcecoleman @DrDanWoodman pic.twitter.com/BnSRG3s0Sq — Prof Lisa Adkins (@AdkinsProf) August 28, 2019 Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Day 2 of #FutureFix and

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Fall 2017

This fall, I am teaching: ENG 110: Exploring Literature through Conspiracy Theories  ENG 370: Contemporary American Fiction & Culture  ENG 202: Beginning Creative Writing  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, and to introducing you to all of these amazing books. See you in class.

Office Hours

I have added some office hours in the mornings on Wednesday. Please sign up for a slot, or stop by on Wednesdays! I may sometimes try to grab lunch at an earlier or later time on Wednesdays, depending on when students are coming in, but my basic Wednesday afternoon availability will hold. And the sign-up tool...

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CAAS workshops are already under way! Thursday, 9/22/16 4:30 pm- 5:20 pm How Does This Work?: Understanding College as a First Generation College Student Villalobos Hall

Some course descriptions are up!

Headline: In SPRING 2017 I will pair my Chican@ Literature class with Prof. José Orozco’s BORDER HISTORIES class. Get your CON 1 requirement filled, and come with us to learn about current realities at the border. I have taken two separate classes on trips to the Mexican border, where we have visited with Andrea Guerrero to see her inspiring work at Alliance San...

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